Ruby 1.9.1 or 1.8.7 for your Mac OSX System.

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This package is the most simple way to equip your Macintosh Apple OSX System with Ruby - similar to the Windows Ruby One-Click Installer. It replaces the broken Readline library on Tiger, updates to a current version of SQLite3 and prepares your OSX for Rails, which needs at least Ruby 1.8.4 to run. The current Ruby Version is 1.9.1 (1.8.5 is recommended for Rails) and Rubygems 1.3.1.

This package's intention is to remain small while being a Universal Binary that serves everything to deploy Ruby Applications on OSX Machines - Jaguar, Panther, Tiger or Leopard (no Cheetah and Puma yet). You don't need to compile anything and you don't need Apple's Developer Tools (xcode) installed.

The Ruby One-Click Installer for OSX is adding the installed files to /usr/local, not replacing Apple's original Ruby. That means you can easily uninstall this package or switch to Apple's Ruby again.

Also in this Package: (only applies to Tiger and Panther packages)

  • SQLite3, to have the tightest ACID-compliant relational database management system available.
  • Ruby/LDAP, in order to enable interfacing with LDAP-Servers via ruby-net-ldap or Active::LDAP.
  • Ragel State Machine Compiler in case you plan to use SuperRedCloth or Hpricot (and others).
  • Mongrel Webserver plus dependencies (daemons, fastthread, gem_plugin, rake, cgi_multipart_eof_fix), for your ultimate HTTP needs.

If you want to install Ruby on Rails with the Ruby One-Click Installer for OSX, just enter 'sudo gem install rails' in your after installation.

The main Package comes without any documentation files, in order to keep the download and installation-size at a minimum (the size after installation is always below 50MB). Most of the people who merely want to run Ruby applications don't need the documentation. If you need those files, please download and run the 'Documentation Package', which includes the complete ri and rdoc files for Ruby and the pre-installed gems.

Why is RubyOSX better than any huge 1000TB Rails-Everything-Out-Of-The-Box bloated installer? Maybe you want to deploy Ruby Applications without Rails (yes, that's also possible), say with the Camping Microframework. This Installer is small in size (both download and when installed) and can be easily uninstalled if you don't need it anymore - which won't be the case, we promise.
RubyOSX 1.9.1 Leopard

Ruby 1.9.1-p129 »
SQLite 3.6.16 »
Thin Webserver »

Ruby/LDAP 0.9.9 »
Ragel State Machine Compiler 6.5 »

Rubygems 1.3.4 »
Gem: sqlite3-ruby (1.2.4) »
Gem: eventmachine »
Gem: cheat (commandline ruby cheatsheets) »
RubyOSX 1.9.1 for Leopard
coming up shortly
RubyOSX 1.8.7 Leopard INTEL *

Ruby 1.8.7-p172 »
SQLite 3.6.19 »
Mongrel 1.1.5 (+dependencies) »

libxml2-2.7.6, libxslt-1.1.26 »
Ruby/LDAP 0.9.8 »
Ragel State Machine Compiler 6.5 »

Rubygems 1.3.5 »
Gems: cheat, mongrel, nokogiri,
rspec, sqlite3-ruby, thin (+dependencies)
Download Ruby One-Click Installer
OSX 10.5 Leopard i386 (v2.0, 16.2 MB)
RubyOSX 1.8.6 Tiger, Panther *

Ruby 1.8.6 »
SQLite 3.4.0 »
Mongrel 1.0.1 (+dependencies) »

Ruby/LDAP 0.9.7 »
Ragel State Machine Compiler 5.22 »

Rubygems 0.9.4 »
Gem: sqlite3-ruby (1.2.1) »
Gem: daemons (1.0.6) »
Gem: rake (0.7.3) »
Download Ruby One-Click Installer
OSX 10.4 Tiger UB (v1.2, 13.71 MB)
Download Ruby One-Click Installer
OSX 10.3 Panther PPC (v1.2, 9.53 MB)
OSX 10.0 - 10.2: in Development
please help out with compiling!
Download Documentation Package
Generic OSX ri, rdoc (v1.2, 1.62 MB)
According to the US Census Bureau, towards the end of June of 2007, there were 6.6 billion people on earth. The current Apple User Base, according to Steve Jobs (Status: 2007-03-01), is estimated to contain 22 Million users. That's 0.3 percent of the amount estimated in July (6.605.008.933).
67 percent of the Apple users run Tiger (10.4), 23 percent Panther (10.3) and 10 percent have installations of older versions. RubyOSX addresses everyone of the Apple User Base, not just the bleeding edge. Drop us a mail if you ported Ruby to OS9!

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